Second Git Outta Yer Basement! announced for Sunday, April 19

The second Git Outta Yer Basement! guitar recital will take place at Beans 'n' Cream Sunday, April 19, 1-3 p.m. Already, Peter King's students are practicing feverishly to craft performances that will amaze, delight and astound you -- or your money back! (Admission is free...) Serially, these recitals are a great place to meet your fellow students, hear some musical ideas that might turn your head around and, most importantly, give you a chance to learn how to play in front of an audience in the only way  possible -- by playing in front of an audience!
I had a blast at the first recital, and I can't wait for Round 2.

JP Dockey tearin' it up at the first Git Outta Yer Basement! guitar recital at Aspinwall Beans 'n' Cream in October.