“Peter offers great experience and a lot of knowledge to both beginners and people who have been playing guitar for multiple years. He is incredibly talented and is willing to help you achieve your goals while expanding your music knowledge.”
-- Tyler Weinberger, Aspinwall

"Peter King is a superb teacher. I was 58 when I started with Peter, and even if you have a bit of arthritis in your hands like I do, Peter will find a path for you, transforming the guitar from an intimidating tool into a beautiful instrument of peace. A lesson with Peter makes you want to practice, to learn more, to play." -- Steve Lewan, Bellevue

“I had never played guitar before, and after a year and a half of lessons I’ve gotten a grasp on a number of techniques and theory. Peter is an amazing musician and his knowledge of the instrument is so clear. His kindness, patience, and personalization make learning from him a wonderful experience.”
-- Lillian Leibovich, Haverford College (via Zoom)

 "Guiding me from absolute beginner status to playing and singing songs and grasping basic music theory, Peter has been an effective and patient instructor sharing his knowledge, skills, and experience in a positive and motivating environment. " -- Darren Siegel, Aspinwall

“It was a pleasure learning from Peter! I came in with the goal of improving my improvisational ability and generally broadening my playing style. Peter carefully assessed my strengths and areas for growth, and developed a thoughtful plan, which he tailored from from lesson to lesson.”
-- Jon Weingarden, Aspinwall

"Having a blast. Peter is a great teacher. I was a drummer but picked up a guitar at 56. If I can have fun and make progress, you can too."
-- Dave Murphy, Hampton
"When I came to Peter King for lessons, my development in playing guitar had plateaued for several years. Peter helped me to correct problems with my technique and immediately began to provide material that was challenging yet learnable. As such, I was able to incorporate his suggestions immediately into my playing, and these brought noticeable results, especially during the times that I played weekly in a local church band. I would recommend Peter King to any student learning to grow as a guitar player." 
-- David A. York, Esq., Bloomfield

"My favorite thing about working with Peter is his flexibility. I started off learning to Travis-pick folk songs, but after I asked about blues, we learned finger-style blues by Mississippi John Hurt and others. At another point I wanted to learn some James Taylor songs. We had been using jazzy chords on "Georgia on My Mind," and we took the chords and finger-picking patterns from that tune to start playing some JT.  Over the past two years with Peter, I've always felt completely confident that I will be engaged and excited by what we cover."
-- Colin Crowley, Squirrel Hill and Swarthmore College (via Skype)

"I highly recommend Peter King to anyone considering guitar lessons.
I have been playing guitar for about 10 years. I’ve been with Peter for five months and I feel I have made excellent progress. Peter has taught me finger-style playing, how to use pentatonic scales, bending, slides, hammer on/pull off and vibrato technique. From Peter I have also learned how much fun it is to play the blues!  In addition to being an incredible musician, Peter is kind, patient, and a real teacher! He knows the exact level of challenge that I need to make progress but not cause frustration."
-- Bill Watson, Mt. Lebanon

"I learned to play the guitar on my own over 20 years ago and became an adequate strummer and singer. But I was looking to take my guitar skills to the next level by learning more about music theory and lead guitar. Over the last several months, thanks to Peter’s gentle guidance, good humor and patience, I have begun to achieve my goals."
-- Ken Fisher, Regent Square

"With a solid understanding of music, he keeps the lessons interesting and geared towards the styles I’m interested in.  After a year of lessons with Peter, I’ve made great progress on learning fingerstyle blues and have a better understanding of the theory behind the music.  In addition, Peter is patient and understanding, helping me through more advanced techniques and my general performance anxiety. Overall, the time I have to play is becoming less like 'practice' and more like 'pleasure!' "
-- Cyndi Fink, Robinson

"Peter is a wonderful teacher, patient and talented. I am happy to say that, at age 60, I'm learning to play and having a ball. Thanks, Peter!"
-- Mark Crooks, Allison Park 

"Regular lessons with Peter King have extricated me from that "muddy rut" familiar to self-taught guitarists.  I  was regularly practicing intermediate material from books and the Internet, but was not improving and not having much fun. Mr. King proved to be the "key to the highway" for me.  My playing has improved considerably, and I am enjoying myself  like never before. My understanding of music theory and the mechanics of the fretboard  has vastly improved.   Mr. King is an accomplished musician, musicologist, and teacher, with a remarkable gift for diagnosing his students' deficiencies and bad habits, and patiently correcting same. Lessons are tailor-made to the individual students, who run the gamut from grade school kids to cranky old bluesmen."
-- "Lonesome" George Kay, Hampton
"It’s been a privilege to have you as my guitar teacher/mentor. During these 3 and half years, you have motivated me in learning new stuff and helped me overcome the challenges I had while I was learning the nuances of guitar music. It has been a fabulous journey!" 
-- Raghuveer Goud, formerly of Monroeville

"I have learned more in a few lessons with Peter than I have learned in a few months with some other teachers. Peter has the ability to teach you step by step so within a few lessons you are playing music. The lessons are fun but focused, and you are challenged to become a better musician."
-- Julie Goscinski, Canonsburg

"Peter King helped me a great deal. I highly recommend him to any level and style of guitar player."
-- Noah Brostoff, Squirrel Hill

"I have been playing guitar for over 20 years, and I have never had more fun or learned more on my instrument!"
-- Craig Iellimo, Allison Park

"I was looking for new ways to stimulate my brain after a traumatic head injury. I always wanted to play guitar and I was lucky to find Peter. He is an excellent teacher, sensitive to my deficit and exceptionally patient. Our lessons together are rewarding and very fun. I highly recommend Peter."
-- Steven Zelicoff, M.Ed., Squirrel Hill

"He really understands his craft and has a special gift for making you feel comfortable. Most of all, he really enjoys teaching.
 -- Jim Leeper, Aspinwall

"I played guitar for years without any formal lessons and had picked up and dropped countless instructional books and CDs. Peter has helped me break out of the box I was in and into new styles of blues, finger style and jazz and has helped me improve my solo playing. We have also covered just enough music theory along the way to help me with my own songwriting. I highly recommend Peter!"
-- Steve Petrovich, Hampton

"It's been a pleasure studying with Peter! From Oliver's friendly greetings to the great instruction Peter gives, I always look forward to coming back the next week. The song choices and finger-style playing are the best parts."
-- Brad Hammer, North Hills


I learned much more with Mr. King than I could have with anyone else. His teaching techniques have given me tools to continue learning various songs and even create my own music. The quality was outstanding, and I am saddened by the fact that I had to move away. I strongly suggest taking lessons from him and learning from a truly great teacher!
-- Chris Foley, formerly of Gibsonia

After a 10-year hiatus, I decided to pick up guitar playing again. Peter provided a depth of experience and knowledge about music theory and guitar  I had never encountered. It’s been great to get reacquainted with my guitar!
--John Foley (Chris’ dad), formerly of Gibsonia

"After studying with numerous teachers over 3 decades, I can tell you Peter is in a class by himself. I’ve made great strides in fingerstyle and solo guitar – thanks to Peter’s expertise, patience and enthusiasm."
-- David Green, Hampton

"Learning guitar from Peter has been a wonderful experience starting with the very first lesson. Even though I was a complete beginner, we started Day One with a song. He picks music that matches my tastes and expertly integrates technique and music theory along the way. Peter welcomes questions and solicits feedback regularly. Extraordinary patience and contagious enthusiasm are two of the hallmarks of his teaching style."
-- Emily Jaffe, Squirrel Hill

Teacher's statement

Thanks, guys!  

To paraphrase the old Peace Corps ad, teaching guitar is the hardest job I've ever loved! The cool thing is — not only do my students learn, but so do I. What’s more, we have fun while we're at it!

When guitarists are practicing and learning a lot, they say they're “woodshedding.” Here's what I bring to the “shed”:

-- More than 20 years of teaching experience with adults and teens
-- M.M. in guitar performance from Duquesne University
-- Acoustic or electric
-- Finger-picking, flat-picking and improvisation: blues, folk, rock, jazz, country
-- Songwriting, harmony and theory
-- Lessons at my studio or online
-- References from students
-- Introductory five-lessons-for-the-price-of-four offer

Interested in lessons? E-mail me at pbking1@verizon.net or call 412-315-5303. You inquiry will be answered promptly!