Git Outta Yer Basement!

Nine of my students were brave enough to perform at the first Git Outta Yer Basement recital at Aspinwall Beans 'n' Cream last Sunday. While most had never performed in public before, they not only survived, but thrived before a packed house of family, friends and random coffee drinkers!  As I tell my students, one of the things I cannot give them in a lesson is the experience of performing for an audience of real, live humanoids. Notes and chords, right hand and left hand, what sounds good and what doesn't -- that  I can show you. But when it comes to making music on a stage, there's no substitute for doing it.
We're already planning the next recital at Beans 'n' Cream, sometime in April. In the meantime, I hope all my students will not only keep practicing in their dens and rec rooms, but will drag themselves out to coffeehouse gigs or open mics or even to a friend's house to jam. That's how we all learn!